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Super Curly Hairstyles & Short Curly Hairstyles For Girls

Cute Hairstyles For Curly Hair

Hi Everyone!! Today, I am sharing Simple & Cute Hairstyle for Curly Hair and Easy Hairstyles For Short Curly Hair & Tips.

Curly hairs, just like straight hairs some also have curly hairs which are due to hair follicle. Reason for curly hair is your shampoo, genes, and climate. It is little difficult to manage curly hair but not too. Curly hair wants extra care from straight hair because their texture is different. The common problem with curly hair is their dryness and un-manageability. People who don’t have curly hair naturally they apply various treatments like rollers, using machine to curl your hair etc.

Simple & Cute Hairstyles For Curly Hair- Curly Hairstyles

But who have curly hair they thought that they are not able to try different hairstyles. It is not true they also can have many options of hairstyles; they can use benefits of curly hairs like your natural volume and texture. Are you tired of having curly hair and don’t know how to manage them then follow these steps to take care of your curly hair.

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People thought that it is tough to manage them but it is not true, you just want to remember these tips.

  • Hot oil treatments: – Always apply hot oil to your hair for nourishment because curly hair is dry.
  • Apply good conditioners: – Use conditioners to lose tangle and knots. And also can use satin pillows.
  • Use accessories: – It’s hard to manage curly hair so use accessories to wrap them, to look beautiful.
  • Let them dry naturally:– curly hair is hard and intense, so it takes time to dry. Do not always use dryers because they make your hair fizzy and rough so try it occasionally?
  • Try different styles: – Hairstyles are loose high buns; messy updos looks great with curly hairs. Loose buns are looks great with curly hairs.

Simple & Cute Hairstyles For Curly Hair- Curly Hairstyles

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If you are going to party then curly hair style is best for you. You just want to use curlers or rollers for curly hair and easily you get curly hair for few hours. So just try it whenever you want by following these steps.

  • Wash your hair: – First of wash your hair with shampoo and also apply conditioners for make silky and attractive curls.
  • Remove conditioner completely: – Use hot water for removing conditioner completely from hairs.
  • Set the curls: – comb your hair properly to set the curls and remember that your hair is dry.
  • Use gel or serum: – serum and gel is used to softness your hair and also help to set the curls easily. Take it according to length of your hair.
  • Make sections of your hair: – Divide your hairs according to size of curl that you want.
  • Set curlers to your hair: – set curlers to hair but make sure that set them on back side and wait for 2-3 hours for that.
  • Take off the curlers: – After 2-3 hour when you think that your hair are set then remove curlers from your hair slowly.
  • Remove unnecessary tangles:– slowly run soft fingers from your hair to remove unnecessary tangles.
  • Lift your curl: – Lift your curl with hands and use spray to set them properly so that they remain secure throughout the function.
  • Ready for the party: – your style is ready and you also look great with these curls.

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Simple & Cute Hairstyles For Curly Hair- Curly Hairstyles

Simple hairstyles for curly hair                   

  • Make a curly topknot: – This hairstyle is best suitable for summers because all when you want your hair out of face and neck.
  • Make sure that you want to make high ponytail without using brush and secure it from elastic.
  • After making ponytail, pull your ponytail through hair donut. Curly hair has an advantage also that they can easily make an oversize bun.
  • Through the ponytail start twisting them around the donut. But remember that covered donut fully with your ponytail.
  • Wrap the end of the ponytail and tight them with bobby pins.
  • So, you notice that it is so simple to make bun with curly hairs.



  • Rope braids: – Braids are perfect for curly hairs because they only need twisting. Braid styles are also commonly used because it is comfortable.

Simple & Cute Hairstyles For Curly Hair- Curly Hairstyles

Also can try ponytails: – Just like bun, ponytails are also great choice in hot days and it is also easy to make it. If you want to go outside normally then you can try different ponytails.

  • French ponytail:-This style is well suited for sports or school student because it is a lot easier than other styles and also looks great.
  • First of all take all you hair.
  • Divide sections of hair from fingers into top three parts.
  • Section the second third hair and secure them with ponytail.
  • Section the last third of your hair and secure with ponytail.
  • You want to set your hair now with hairspray or also can use pins.
  • Your French pony tail is ready.

Simple & Cute Hairstyles For Curly Hair- Curly Hairstyles

  • Roll ponytail: – This style is also easy and ready in few minutes. Whenever you are busy and want to look different from others then try rolling ponytail.
  • Divide hair into two sections.
  • Twist your forehead hair to back.
  • Again twist handful hair and take it back. Add both handful hair and twist them together.
  • Continue adding small handful hair and give them a bug twist.
  • And use a clip to tight them.
  • Do this same step with other side.
  • Gather the twist into ponytail.
  • After that if you want messy look then try comb to smooth these roll or also can remain same them.

Simple & Cute Hairstyles For Curly Hair- Curly Hairstyles

  • Make a headband roll-up: – For this style you just need a headband which helps you in making this style. This style is enough for formal occasions.
  • Place this headband over to your hair.
  • Insert your hair to band and roll the band to secure.
  • You also can add bobby pins to confirm that it is not loose.
  • And now your headband roll-up hairstyle is ready.

Simple & Cute Hairstyles For Curly Hair- Curly Hairstyles

Among all hairstyles these styles are pretty and easy can be done at home. These hairstyles are looks great on curly hair. While doing the hairstyles always try that dry your hairs naturally because curly hairs are hard and if we use dryer then it may damage your hair. To softness curly hair always use shampoo with conditioner. These are main tips that you want to follow to take care of your curly hair. Try these styles and make your hair looks great and also don’t think that curly hair are burden or hard to handle.

In This Article I am sharing about Your curly hair is unique. It bends and curves and coils. Anyone with curly hair has heard at least one person with straight strands lament, “Your hair is so pretty,

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