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South Indian Bridal Makeup Tips – Indian Brides Looks


Hi,in this article I am going to share Very helpful beauty tips for South Indian Bridal Makeup .India has an array of cultures and therefore the wedding cultures differ as well. South Indian weddings have different customs wherein it is auspicious for the weddings to take place in the wee hours of the morning. Moreover, it is also necessary for the bride to wear an authentic kanjivaram saree. Thus, the bridal makeup for a Tamil bride differs slightly as it needs to be very basic and subtle. Read on to know how you can achieve this look;

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  • Cleanse

Before you begin your makeup make sure your face is free of dust and grime. Start by washing your face with a mild fragrance free facial foam, pat dry and dab some alcohol free toner with a cotton swab. Finish it with a good moisturizer with SPF. Since it is a day function, applying sunscreen is extremely necessary in order to protect your face from sun damage. Your face is now ready for make up!

south indian bridal makeup

  • Base

To bid adieu to your dark spots and acne marks, applying base correctly is of paramount importance.

Primer: This step is often skipped but it is necessary to apply a primer right after you apply a moisturizer because it will keep your makeup intact for a number of hours.

Concealer: Using a good quality concealer, apply it under the eyes and wherever you have dark spots or marks and blend well.

Foundation: Since it is a day wedding, using a light foundation is sufficient. Dot the foundation all over your face and work it into your skin using a brush or a sponge.

Translucent powder: Finish it with a translucent powder for a flawless finish.

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  • Eyes

 For a South Indian bride, highlighting the eyes is of paramount importance as the entire face make up has to be subtle.

Eye shadow: Pick an eye shadow shade that matches your saree. Makeup artists recommend applying an eye shadow with a tint of shimmer on the eyelids. Use a subdued color around the crease of your eyes and merge the two well.

Eye liner: Apply a thick winged liner using a jet black waterproof eye liner.

Kajal: Line your waterline with a smudge proof kajal of a good grand.

Mascara: Curl your eyelashes and apply two coats of waterproof mascara to brighten up your eyes.

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  • Cheeks

 Since the wedding is held during the day, the color of the blush has to be very light so it does not stand out in the pictures. If your skin is dry or normal you may use a cream blush. However if your skin type is oily it is recommended that you stick to a powder blush only. Using a blusher brush, apply the blush starting from the apple of your cheeks in swift upward strokes. The ideal color of blush is light pink or peach.


  • Lips

The lip make up has to be very basic and light for the South Indian bride. Begin by applying some lip balm to moisturize your lips and then line your lips with a lip liner of the same color as your lipstick. Then apply a matte lipstick with the help of a brush. Make sure the lipstick has a matte finish and not glossy and the shade is not very dark as it is a day function.


While an authentic silk saree, gold jewelry and a long braid with flowers are enough to make a South Indian Bride look gorgeous on her wedding day, the right makeup will help in completing your look. Thus, follow our tutorial to achieve a flawless finish in order to look breathtaking in all your wedding photographs!

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