Pimples Treatment With Toothpaste ( Very Easy)

How To Use Toothpaste To Fight Pimples

Someone ask to me ‘Do we use toothpaste to remove Pimples’? I said yes! Why not.
Certainly it works. But you would take it only emergency Pimple Treatment. Tooth paste made by HP (Hydrogen peroxide), Baking soda and alcohol, which is responsible to dryness. So if we use it from pimples it can be dry. But using it directly on your face gives you irritation and itching, for not want to suffering from that you should choose some safer alternatives like-

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How to use Toothpaste for rid acne:


  • Always Use white coloured toothpaste: when you going to choose tooth paste for pimple treatment, always select only white colour not gel, red blue, green etc. it’s because ingredients that help to dry pimples, are mostly available on white colour toothpaste, which is made with H.P, triclosan and baking soda.


  • Way to use tooth paste: Before applying toothpaste First of all you have to clean your face properly because dust and oil can be harm your skin. Wash off your face with a gentle face wash and get dry. It is too important that before applying tooth paste your face will be dry and clean. Because if its not done you may get irritation.


  • Take pea size amount tooth paste on your figure and squeeze it. Pea size amount of it is enough, it is also depend on number of pimple you got. Apply very small amount of it on pimple directly. And slowly rub it. Just be careful for one thing you should apply tooth paste only affected area means only on pimples not surrounding skin.


  • You do not treat it like face mast. Tooth paste can makes your skin so dry so just apply only what your pimple required. Otherwise you will get irritation or Redness.


  • Leave it at least 2 hour or more time. If it possible then leave it for overnight.


  • If you have Oily skin you can leave it for overnight but if you have Sensitive or Dry skin than do not apply it more than 15 minutes. Because it can be make skin’s reaction.

  • If you have sensitive and dedicate skin and using Tooth paste directly make you uncomfortable that you can mix 2 drops of water on it. Make a light paste and then apply.
    you have to know one thing that is when you mix tooth paste with water just apply it not rub it ok. Leave it for 15 minutes and wash your face.


  • Tooth paste not only removes pimple but also it can be able to disappear pimples spot too.
    you have to do just 1 thing take a cotton bud, put such a small amount of tooth paste and apply directly on the affected area. First try it on only one pimple if you don’t get and skin reaction then do it with all. Leave it as above I say for 2 hours then wash your face with the cool water. do not rub your face.


  • If you have oily skin then Just try to wash your face at least 3-4 times in a day. If it quite difficult for you always carry Aloe Vera or Rose water wipes. This is so helpful to clean oil and dust from your face and gives you a pimple free flawless, glowing skin.


Tooth paste is not harmful but in case you get bit irritation from it imminently wash your face,and after removing it take some ice and rub it on affected area. Or you can take a cotton ball and put Rose water on it and apply that. You must get relief. Hope this suggestion is useful for you.

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