Natural Remedies For Hair Growth & Dandruff

Natural Remedies For Hair Growth & Dandruff

How Can Onion Juice Help Reduce Dandruff?

Hi Everyone!! Today, I am sharing How to Use Natural Remedies For Hair Growth & Dandruff at Home.

Several remedies have been tried out and still no result. Well, dandruff issue is something like that. Once it has taken its roots, it becomes difficult to wipe out. Reducing dandruff then goes on to be a task for normal individuals. During this period, it is a little troublesome for some of them to afford time and patience.

Hence, there is still another remedy which can easily solve the issue without making use of several efforts. You will be amazed to know that onion juice can help you reduce dandruff. We are not talking about any recipe here!!! It is true that onion juice can give the required result. Let us explore more.

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1- Onion with Fenugreek Seeds:

Onion Juice For Hair Dandruff

Best Natural for Hair Growth .Fenugreek seeds are commonly used for the removal of dandruff. This can be mixed with onion juice to get instant effect. Take around two spoons of fenugreek seeds and soak them overnight. Filter out the seeds in the next morning and grind them to form a smooth paste. Pour it out into a container. Take the onions in the juicer and grind them using water to extract the juice out of it. Now mix the juice to the ground fenugreek seeds already kept aside. Apply the mixture on the entire scalp covering up the roots of the hair and leave it undisturbed for about thirty minutes. Then wash off with normal water.


2- Onion with Aloe vera Gel:

Onion Juice For Hair Dandruff / Regrowth/ Hair fall Control

As we know aloe Vera is the mother of all hair and skin care ingredients. It is very simple to use and shows immediate result. Usually this remedy is used when the dandruff formation goes to the extent of giving you an itchy scalp. Take a clean bowl. Add aloe Vera gel to the bowl. Stir well by adding onion juice into it. Your hair growth pack is ready. Apply the pack on the scalp while gently massaging it. You will get relief to the itchiness by doing so. Now leave it undisturbed for ten minutes. Then wash it off with normal water.


3- Onion with Beets:

Onion Juice For Hair Dandruff / Regrowth/ Hair fall Control

Beets are good for health. They are also beneficial for the growth of hair. Beets help in Hair Growth mitigating dandruff too. Take the beets and boil them in a container. After boiling it, allow them to cool. Extract the juice from onions. Blend the onion juice with the cooled beets mix. Now this mixture is to be massage through the scalp using the tips of the fingers before going to bed. You can wash it off in the morning.


4- Onion with Lemon Juice:

Onion Juice For Hair Dandruff / Regrowth/ Hair fall Control

Lemon being a citric fruit helps in removing dandruff completely. Onion juice just acts a catalyst to the lemon. Mix the lemon juice and onion juice in a clean bowl and stir well. Apply the mix while massaging gently. Moreover lemon helps in alleviating the odor of the onion when applied on the scalp. Dandruff goes away in a whip and a comforting soothing scalp is obtained.


5- Onion with Green gram Powder:

Onion Juice For Hair Dandruff / Regrowth/ Hair fall Control

Green gram powder can also be used for the removal of dandruff. The powder acts as a scrub and polishes the scalp thus removing the white flakes formed. Take a bowl and pour green gram powder into it. Add onion juice to the bowl and stir well. Make it a fine and smooth paste and apply on the scalp. Make sure you are focusing on the roots of the hair. Keep the paste as it is for about thirty minutes or more and then wash off with normal water. This paste is to be applied for two times a week. With two washes you can observe noticeable difference.


Onion has anti bacterial properties which easily treats dandruff and flaky skin. It stimulates blood circulation and helps to grow healthy and strong hair.


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