Miswak Benefits & How to Use

Miswak: How To Use It In The Best Manner?

Hi,In this article I am going to share Amazing Health benefits of Miswak. Miswak can be utilized as an independent or as an accomplice to your normal toothbrush and toothpaste. It includes the method to use miswak. And what are the important components of it!


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To apply Miswak efficaciously, maintain these in mind.

  1. To start, trim or chew off one end of your Miswak twig.
  2. Preserve chewing from this stop till the twig will become gentle and bureaucracy bristles on the middle. To beautify this technique, you could moisten the twig by dipping it in water.
  3. Once you see person fibers akin to ‘bristles’, brush your teeth using the twig. As you’ll with a regular toothbrush. Recall to no longer use any toothpaste though.
  4. Trim or chunk similarly up for clean bristles on every occasion the present ones are exhausted.
  5. So, this became about a way to use a miswak, now let’s check out its medicinal makes use of of miswak.


While the Salvador Persia tree is most famous for its ‘toothbrush twigs’. Different elements of the tree are just as useful too. Here’s a short study them.

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The leaves of Salvador are consumed in the middle East and Africa. Because of their astringent properties which can be stated to useful resource in digestion and metabolism. The lively ingredients present in Salvador have analgesic and diuretic residences. Allowing its use in traditional remedies for piles, rheumatism, and skin irritation.


A candy alternative to the bitter leaves, the end result too have diuretic properties. And are used within the treatment of belly and liver illnesses.


Bark derived from the stem and roots is specific, and as such has one-of-a-kind homes and makes use of. Stem bark from Salvador facilitates create a decoration utilized in regularizing menstruation in ladies. Moreover, it also treats epilepsy, stomach ulcers, and pores and skin problems. The paste of foundation bark is used for the treatment of gonorrhea.


Salvadora seeds and leaves are used in treating rheumatism and pores and skin inflammation. They’re extensively utilized as purgatives and diuretics. Essential oils are used as insect and tick repellent.

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