How To Be Pretty With Best Makeup Hacks

Cheapest & Easy Beauty Hack – EVER!

Hi, in this article I am going to share Best Makeup Hacks & Amazing Beauty Tricks for All.Beauty products are expensive and this is the reason we are introducing you to the cheapest beauty hack, ever! Are you ready to know what it is? Continue Reading!

The cheapest beauty hack is … Rose Water!

This brilliant product is literally a one stop solution to most of your beauty product needs and the best part is, it doesn’t even cost too much and is readily available, everywhere.

Here’s why you need to go get one right now!

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Tones your Skin

Rose water is an excellent toner. It removes dirt and oil from your skin and allows it to properly hydrate. Clean pores and hydrated skin means a natural glow that we all envy!

Maintains Skin’s pH

Our skin’s pH levels make it acidic. The use of soaps and other products with bases in them affect this pH level and can lead to several skin related problems. Rose water’s pH of 5.5 helps to maintain a balance for your skin’s pH and brings it back to normal.

Fights Acne

Because it removes dirt and oils from your pores, your chances of getting a breakout are automatically reduced. Due to it’s pH balancing properties, it also discourages growth of bacteria that leads to skin acne.

Hydrates your Skin

Unlike with other toners, you don’t have to worry about rose water drying out your skin. Because it’s natural and mild, rose water actually sets in your skin and makes it look fresh. It is an excellent way to hydrate your skin without worrying about chemicals damaging it. Just spritz some on your face whenever you feel like your skin is dehydrating.

No Puffiness

Say goodbye to puffiness with rose water. It has anti-inflammatory and cooling properties that leave your skin refreshed. It is especially good for using under eyes to get rid of the puffiness under them caused due to stress or lack of sleep. Just soak two cotton pads in rose water and let them sit on your eyes for a few minutes.

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3 Easy Hacks to A Glowing Skin

Our skin is the most prominent part of our body and so, it is vital to have a skin care routine. A healthy and glowing skin reflects the inner beauty of a person. And it is very easy to forget all about it in our daily grind routines. But, no more with these easy tips!
Here are some easy ways to get that glowing skin that you’ve always dreamt of.

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Have a Balanced Diet

A balanced diet means a diet which contains sufficient amounts of carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins and other essential nutrients. It is important to maintain a balanced diet in order to stay healthy. Eating fruits and vegetables helps in giving the skin a natural radiance as fruits and leafy green vegetables are rich in anti-oxidants. In addition to this, vitamin C is vital for smooth skin as it protects the skin from harmful radiations.

Stay Hydrated

Drinking water has numerous health benefits including a fresh looking and radiant skin. Water purifies the skin of all impurities and washes out the toxins. It helps the body to stay hydrated and eliminates all sorts of oils and dirt. Drinking at least two liters of water each day brightens the skin, gets rid of dullness and gives an overall healthy glow to the skin. It also reduces dryness and wrinkles considerably, and boosts the immune system.

Exercise Regularly

Exercising regularly has been known to have a huge impact on a person’s health. Since a person’s skin actually reflects their health, it is essential to exercise daily. Exercising improves blood circulation, gets rid of toxins from the body and also produces good sweat, which again helps in the removal of toxic wastes from the skin, giving it a healthy glow. Furthermore, going for a walk early in the morning is known to relax muscles which reduces the chance of getting wrinkles in the longer run and also relieves stress which could be one of the reasons you’re getting acne.

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4 Amazing Lipstick Hacks For Everyone

I am share Amazing Lipstick Hacks Every Women Needs to Know .Once in a while your lipstick does no longer become the manner you anticipated it to. You anticipate the color to appearance precisely the only in the picture but that doesn’t truly happen. There are a few easy tricks that you need to opt for in an effort to get you lipstick recreation on. Following are the four beneficial lipstick hacks for novices.

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Getting your lips make-up for a lip color is the most crucial issue ever. make certain that you moisturize your lips every unmarried day.

  • Put Vaseline for your lips each night before going to mattress.
  • Scrub your lips right before applying.
  • Use a easy mascara wand to scrub off the useless pores and skin out of your lips.
  • This could decrease the advent of cracks on your lips when you practice matte lipsticks.


Shaping your lips the right manner is a bit tricky. Use a lip brush to use lipstick. In case you are confused approximately your lip line then follow concealer all over your lips and round them.

  • Draw your own lip line afterward.
  • Draw an X to your make cupid bow with a lip pencil to ensure that the outline is perfectly accomplished.
  • In the event that you have exceptional dark red and red suggestions apply concealer everywhere on your lips earlier than making use of lipstick.
  • This may makeup your lips the exact shade that you noticed at the box earlier than shopping for the lip coloration.


Your skin tone topics when selecting the suitable lip color for yourself. Parent out your right undertones. In case you see green veins for your arm then you definitely have warm undertones and in case you see blue veins you then have cool undertones.


Don’t get heartbroken simply in case you by chance broke your lipstick. It’s far not unusual and it occurs however it truly is the worst feeling ever. The nice manner of attaching each the portions collectively is by way of melting both the ends with the assist of a lighter and then becoming a member of them.

We at Bright Side have picked the most intriguing Beauty & Makeup Hacks to impart to you.

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