Hair Fall Treatment With Garlic – Hair Fall Solution

How Garlic is Useful for Hair Loss

We all know about garlic which is used in kitchen to increases the taste of dish.In this article I am going to share a method about Hair Fall Treatment .Do you know it also decreases the air problem and increases its beauty? Garlic also helps to cure main hair problem which is hair loss. In ancient time people use several herbs for hair or skin and that are also very useful but nowadays people just forget them and prefer shampoo which are available in the market. It helps to treat severe hair loss and help to grown new hair again. Garlic improves the proper blood circulation in the scalp which helps to give strength to your hair.

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Benefits of Garlic for Hair Loss:

  • Garlic has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties which help to treat all kind of hair loss by treating it.
  • Sometimes parasite, which we know, is attack to scalp which result hair fall.Garlic help to cure scalp which is largely affect by parasite.
  • Itchy scalp is a common problem among people. But due to this hair fall problem arises and garlic help to treat itchy scalp by removing toxins from scalp and leaves clean scalp.
  • Garlic is also rich source of sulphur which prevents your hair from breakage and gives strength to your hair.


Uses of Garlic to Treating Hair Loss:

1-Garlic Tablet:

Did you know garlic is also available in tablet form? I hope you don’t know. But it is true, you can easily intake garlic in the tablet form to get its benefits for hair. In the tablet form you does not have to face problem like its odor and its taste which is wired I know. Garlic tablets are easily available in the market. You just have to take one tablet in a day till one month. Sometime its more consumption affects badly to your health. You can also consult with your doctor before taking it.

2-Apply it directly:

It is also a best method to use garlic directly into scalp just like any other things. Apply it directly to the scalp for the better results if you don’t have any problem with its smell.

3-Use as a Conditioners:

You can also apply garlic into hair for conditioning to your hair because it also help in that. Its use can moisturize your hair and prevent you as a  Hair Fall Treatment.

4-Use Garlic as an Oil:

You can also use garlic as an oil if you are not able to directly apply it in to your hair. Garlic oil does not use a lot it is a mixture of almond oil and olive oil for the better results and also hides the wired small of the garlic. Its use is very simple you just have to apply garlic into scalp and you prevent hair loss from its use. It is really a good option and use of this oil also gives other benefits of the almond oil and olive oil which are very favourable for the hair. You can also prepare at home. Let’s see how we can prepare at home.



  • Take some gloves of garlic cloves and soak it in almond oil or olive oil for 1-2 weeks.
  • After that just refrigerate it and your natural garlic oil is ready to use.
  • There is another option if you don’t have enough time for preparing this at home. Buy it from market and use it as suggested.

Now you know all the benefits of garlic for Hair Fall Treatment . When you feel any kind of such problem then you definitely use garlic. You get the best results by using it.

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