Dandruff Treatment With Neem Oil

Ways in Which Neem Oil Can Reduce Dandruff

No one like fizzy and unhealthy hair. Hair is a main part of over body. If your hair is attractive then you look beautiful and it may make your appearance better. Today due to pollution and dust and harmful rays or chemical compound we all face so many hair problems like hair damage, hair fall and so many other these problem make hair think and it will not look good. There is so many other scalp problems also face by people and one of common problem is dandruff. Yes it’s a common problem in youth, young and old today. In dandruff white flacks are appear on over scalp and it’s not look good. Some time these flacks appear on dresses also.


There are so many products are available in market who gave you surety to disappear your dandruff from scalp But when we use these products the cant work good. There are so many natural and effective home remedy is also available to remove the problem of dandruff and its neem. Yes neem is a pure natural product and it will give you better result on dandruff problem. We can use this in various ways to avoid dandruff. Today we are going to tell you some very effective and simple ways to avoid dandruff with neem.

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Avoid Dandruff with Neem oil:

Method 1:

First start with wash your hair properly and then apply apple cider vinegar on hair and then apply neem oil and then leave it for overnight. And then rise out at morning.


Method 2:

In this method u can take some neem oil and make your own shampoo at home with your regular shampoo and then mix neem oil into this and shake well and then use your homemade neem oil shampoo and get better and instant effect on dandruff problem.


Method 3: 

Directly Appling neem oil can harm your scalp. So always use this with some other oils like olive oil, coconut oil and many other and then apply this on scalp and leave it for whole nigh and the rinse out at morning.


Method 4: 

You can also apply this oil directly on scalp and for that you have to take some oil and apply on hair and scalp and then leave it for 1 hour and then rinse out with neem shampoo. It will give you better relief and reduce the problem of dandruff.


Method 5: 

Take one tbs of olive oil and neem oil and then mix them well and apply on scalp and massage genteelly for few min and then leave it for 20 min after that rinse out with neem oil shampoo or your regular shampoo.


Method 6: 

Take a small bowl and mix neem oil, basil oil and tea tree oil in a cup and then mix it well and apply this hair oil mixture on head and then leave it for 2o to 30 min and the  wash head with shampoo for better result. It may reduce dandruff and make scalp healthy.


Method 7: 

Take a small bowl and pour some tbs of neem oil, tea tree oil and rosemary oil and then mix them well and then apply genteelly on scalp and massage genteelly after some time leave it and then shampoo hair for better result. it may help you to remove dandruff.


So there are so many methods to reduce the problem of dandruff. It may clean your scalp and help your scalp to remove dandruff properly and then make your head clean and clear and make hair healthy also and also remove so all type of scalp problem also So next time when you face any scalp problem then use this oil and make hair healthy and clean.


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