About Us

About Us

Hello Friends, Welcome to our Health and beauty blog “Healthtipsbyirum” blog your destination to Learn about Health and Beauty. This site is dedicated to all the people having any issue regarding their health, diet / weight issues, skin problem or any other problem we will suggest some good tips, and treatments,

Everything health & beauty related can be found at Healthtipsbyirum.Learn how to take care of your health and beauty here you need to build healthy habits.

About Blog:

I talk about this blog. I post quality content here on healthtipsbyirum and want to help as per my capabilities and education Provides you all kind of Problem and Solutions for Health and Beauty tips in Urdu, Post all natural remedies, for Beauty, Weight loss, Face whitening and many more …….

The other thing which inspired me to start a blog in MONEY as you all know everyone on this earth needs money to get motivated & live their smoothly .so I found blogging is the best way to generate money though it’s not easy but I believe in myself.

About me:

My Name is Irum Wakeel Rana.  I born in Faisalabad –Pakistan .Completed my studies there. I am Specialized in Medical B.Pharmacy and D.H.M.S (Punjab)

Currently I am working as a Youtuber, Blogger & Affiliate Marketer.






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