Dark Circles Under Eyes-Best Treatment

Best Treatment of Black Circles Under Eyes

How To Use Almond Oil For Dark Circles Around The Eyes

Hi Everyone!! Today, I am sharing a Simple beauty tips using Almond Oil for Black Circles.

if you are one of the many individuals people tormented by dark circles,than this post will surly help you.

Look around !and the great mass of the people you see have under eye dark circles, nowadays it’s really become a common phenomenon. Heaving stress, Exiguous Sleep, not heaving proper diet and water daily, vitamin deficiency, illness and continuous exposure to mobiles and computers these are exorbitant to getting under eye dark circles.

Heaving such a attractive eyes is symbol of beauty but if get under eye circles on face it’s like Anathema of beauty. It looks really so bad. But this is not so difficult to getting rid of this problem, if you have Almond oil than this is enough remedy. Almond oil is proper natural remedy on his own for removing dark circle. Using almond oil is better option rather than using any cosmetic product or thought about eye surgery.

Almond oil is full of nourishing vitamin so we can use it for many skin problem. But you have to know one thing that this oil available in two types Sweet and bitter. Bitter almond oil is used in aromatherapy, and must not be apply on skin or taken orally.

Dark Circles Under Eyes-Best Treatment

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Some suggestions for using Almond oil for Under eye circle:

  • Almond oil is exceedingly good source of vitamin E. so we can use it in many skin disease. If you get under eye dark circles put some oil on your fingers and give a soft massage on your eyes around.it is a best treatment for blood calculation. It will be so beneficial if you do it during the night because that time you get more relaxation and spouse to a good sleep.


  • Take 1 tea spoon of honey and 1 tea spoon almond oil. Massage with it on your eyes, for get better result do it every night. It will gives your eyes better skin tone and slowly remove dark circles.


  • Take some milk and mix it in one tea spoon almond oil. Get some cotton and soak it in the mixture. Put the cotton bolls on your closed eyes. Leave it for 10 minute than do this process again for 5 to 10 minute. It is so good for eyes. It is not only good for removing dark circles but also if you get any allergy or redness in eye or if you feel etching , burning or some thing on it, it gives you such a relaxing feeling.


  • Some times due to assume less water you get dehydration the skin get dullness and dryness. Than the skin can be balanced when you use Almond oil. Than your skin become glowing and fresh.


  • Take 1 tea spoon almond oil, one tea spoon olive oil mix that and rub in circle shep around your eyes. Take this massage every night before you go to bad, This remedy is so fast effective. Within a week you will see the effect.


  • Take a medium size Potato and make paste, mix one tea spoon almond oil. Put it top of the eyes and sit till it get dry. After 10-15 minutes wash it off then take some drops of olive oil or any moisturizing cream and take massage with it. This remedy is so useful to reduce dark circles.


  • Dark circles could be avoided by heaving daily a good stress free sleep. Proper sleep is very important for healthy Glowing skin.


  • Always were sun glasses when you go out side in morning and afternoon. Sun glass is useful to protect your eyes.


Do this daily in night, before going to sleep, till you see the under eye dark circles disappear.

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