Best Homemade Body Masks For Healthy & Glowing Skin

How To Prepare Body Masks At Home?

Over Skin is so sensitive part of over body. It needs more care and affection. It will harm easily with some simple and easy thinks. Dust, sunlight are some very common reason of having skin problem. We all try so many thinks like face mask, face pack, scrub and so many other thinks for over face care but body is also need more care. It’s always important that we give more care affection to over body also and take care of this with using some simple and very effective tips and tricks.

We try so many types of face mask and pack to treat over skin but it’s also important that we also give some treatment to over body also which is harm buy pollution and sun light. There are so many spa treatment are available for over body at market but these body treatment is so costly and work for few time also. It’s too simple to care your body at home with simple and easy homemade body mask. Yes over body also need miniaturization and care and for that there are so many easy Homemade Body Masks are use. Today we are going to tell you how to make your own homemade body mask.

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Body Masks At Home:

1-Body mask:


  • Essential oil
  • Cocoa powder
  • Aloe Vera gel
  • White tea
  • Rhassoul mud


How to make and use:

Start with take a small bowl and pour some Rhassoul mud and cocoa powder into this and then mix 2 tbs of aloe vera gel and make a thick fine paste. After all this mix little bit of green tea and be careful don’t mixes to much otherwise liquid get lose so pure it according to requirement After that mix essential oil and aging mix it well. Then take a brush and apply this mixture on whole body and remember that whole body get cover when you do this and after applying leave it for 30 min and let them dry. When body mask get dry then remove this with little bit scrubbing on body and after that pet dry with towel. You can see amazing effect on your body if you are facing the problem of tan and sunburn. It will give you better effect and make your skin healthy and glowing and even and remove all the body issue also.

2-Body mask:


  • sea salt
  • crushed rosemary
  • grape seed oil
  • coconut
  • lemon juice
  • honey
  • olive oil

How to make and use:

First start with a small bowl and pour some lemon juice and honey into this and mix well. Then take another bowl and mix sea salt and rosemary and mix them well. Then add all the oil into rosemary and sea salt mixture and mix again. Then pour the mixture of honey and lemon juice and steer it. After making this mixture takes a brush and applies this mixture on whole body and applies this properly. After apply leave it for 15 and when it gets dry rinse out this mixture with scrubbing and after that pet dry your body. This body mask can make skin softer and provide the lose moisture of skin back and make skin shiny and glowing naturally. This mixture is good if you are suffering from the problem of dry or dull skin.

So these body mask is so easy and simple to make at home and these are purely natural so the cant harm your skin and make skin tan free and glowing and naturally shiny so must try this body mask recipe and get instant glowing and naturally shiny skin.

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