8 Powerful Home Remedies for Pimples & Acne Treatment

Simple Home Remedies For Pimples/Acne

Many of us don’t trust cosmetic products because of its short tram effects and heavy on pocket. But Home remedies have not such types of problems. Whatever you need, it’s just one step far.

For the long time relief from Pimple and Acne we need some stuffs and bit affords for getting such pimple free, smooth, glowing skin.

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1-Fruit juices:

Fresh fruit juices have lots of vitamins which our body needs. I know many of people don’t have time to themselves. They cannot have time to eat fruits too. But drinking juice can’t take so much time. Avoid cold drink because it is really harmful for your body. Fruit juice like orange, carrot, beat roots, pine apple, is so beneficial for skin. Even you can try vegetable juices too. They are also so good for health.


2-Papaya-Rose flower face pack:

This remedy as effective as above written. If you are in rush and want instant glow than this is a perfect choice for you. Do apply this mask on the night for better result.

  • Take some papaya and 10-15 Rose Flower leafs too, mash it together.
  • You can put some honey or raw milk in this paste.
  • Apply it on face, leave it for 30 minutes for makes it dry.
  • wash your face with cold water. dry it with help of towel.
  • after that put some rose water on face and then take a good sleep at least 7 hour.
  • It’s healing skin and acne problem overnight.



Tomato has vitamin C. for get rid pimple and freckles must try this remedy. Take a tomato, cut it on a round slice and rub it on the affected area. After rubbing leave it like that for overnight or at least 2 hours. During this do not talk, laugh or make faces because it may be gives you wrinkle.

4-Apple vinegar:

Eating an Apple regularly makes your skin and hair shine. But is you put apple vinegar on face it can also effective on skin problems like acne and pimples.


5-Olive oil:

Olive oil itself is a complete treatment. Use of olive oil regular on face makes your skin smooth and baby soft and it can rid all pimple, pimple spots, acne, pigmentation etc. all.


6-Take bath:

Take an olive oil bath. Olive oil bath never makes your skin dry. Whenever you go for bath just put some drops of olive oil in it and then bath.


7-Lemon juice with Honey:

Getting rid from pimple and redness or sunburn, Lemon is super effective remedy. Lemon with honey is an amazing combination. Take a big size of lemon and put its all juice on a bowl. Put some pure organic honey into the bowl and mix it. After mixing apply it on the face and wash it off after drying it as well. Put this mask on face every 2-3 days for better results. It’s safe for all types of skin.


8-Besan- turmeric paste:

it’s a traditional method, use in most of Indian families. Besan can remove all dead cells from your skin and turmeric is an anti-bacterial plus it can heal all skin damages safely. Take a bowl, put into 2-3 table spoon besan, One pinch turmeric some raw milk or curd for making paste (Do not put both), put some lemon juice it can clean dust, sweat and oil. After mix all the goods apply it on the face. Leave it for getting dry. Wash your face with lukewarm water. it can remove all acne and make pimple dry. If you got dark spot, using it disappear it also and makes you beautiful and glowing.

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