6 Ways You’re Dyeing Your Hair Wrong – Hair Color Tips

Ways You’re Dyeing Your Hair Wrong

We all face this type of problem in regular life after all we can’t be specialist for every basic problem but we can be, just to avoid few little silly mistakes.
Mistakes is the key learning but sometimes often we repeat it, without realizing that people notice it and make laugh on you so here I’m to solve one of such type of problem.‘Hair dye’ is the common this people do whenever the gets grey and rough hair.

It’s usually happen in life that people taking a haircut that makes them cry or gets highlights on hair that makes their skin look a spatula green.

Don’t worry it’s a part of life, we will fix it. Here are some so common mistakes, that could be leaving you to hating your hair color, and in with some amazing ways to make you sure that you will always end up with the hair color you supposing to have.

Hair dye at Home ‘the do not do list’:

1-Don’t choose too dark colour for you

most of people when they ready to go for a hair dye they forget or may be ignore the skin tone and yes their age. See this is very easy to recognize and choose a real colour for you, just see your eye brows colour and select the same colour for your hairs, do not choose darker then this it will presumably look bad on you. So always try to avoid this type of mistake.

2-Ammonia free hair dye:

Always apply ammonia free hair dye because ammonia is the main reason to hair fall and rough hair.

3-Mess ups cleaning:

if you trying to correct all the messed up things on your own then perhaps you will fail because of colours layers.Try to mend your dye mistakes in the right way. Always use a color-stripping product example like once or twice in a single row, and if still your colour doesn’t satisfied you and doesn’t look like good on you, then you should make an urgent appointment with your colorist to worth full color correction.


4-Hair bleaching at home:

this is really quite difficult thing to bleach your hair at home. We apply it to get more the one colour shades. But platinum and blonde are exhilarating. It will be herculean when you decide to colour your hair darker when you already have dark blonde. Colouring is the art and often we don’t have all the tools so it’s better to call a right salon for that, for avoid lot of difficulties and messiness.

5-High lighting your hair:

If you will been so long working to getting natural looking decent highlights only at home but unfortunately the hair still turns an orange-y spatula, then Bodt recommending to use every time violet shampoo, it will do cancel umpteenth of the brassiness from hair. After  having a wash your hair, with the purple shampoo, use it oftentimes to remain your hair color natural and true. Bodt also says about it that you also have use a semi-permanentgloss or toner every 15 days after highlighted hair to make them tone and attractive your blonde strands.


using henna for hair colouris the most popular and old idea in Indians. Because this is very easy to available and easy to apply but the texture after applying you gets that is very phony and its leave a oranges hair colour, frankly speaking who has such type of hair colour. So before you going to apply other hair dye you should remove henna hair colour and stop doing that again and again.


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