4 Detox Drinks To Lose Weight Fast

4 Detox Drinks that Help in Weight Lose

Losing weight has to be one of the hardest things ever but no more. Detox drinks are the rage these days and for good reason. They help boost metabolism and assist greatly in weight lose!

We are sharing 4 awesome detox drinks with you that will help you get rid of all those extra pounds you have been trying to shed.

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Aloe Vera Detox Drink

Take 3 tablespoons of aloe vera gel, juice of a lemon and a tablespoon of honey and blend them together with a glass of water.

Drink this every morning on an empty stomach. Aloe vera helps to cleanse colon and purifies blood. It also helps your body get rid of stored toxins assisting in weight loss.


Cucumber Mint Detox Drink

Take a cucumber and blitz it in a food processor with a bunch of mint leaves and half a glass of water. Strain the pulp to get juice in a glass of water. Add juice of a fresh lemon to it to get some more flavour.

This drink helps boost your immune system and flushes out harmful toxins. It also speeds up the whole process of detoxification and improves digestion thus aiding in managing that weight.


Apple Detox Drink

Blend together a large apple in a glass of water. Squeeze in some lime juice and season with black salt.

This drink can be had at any time during day. Apple contains a lot of natural fibers. The fibers combined with polyphenol present in apples allows good bacteria to grow and thus helps with weight loss. Apples are known to manage hunger and keep us sated for longer amounts of time so there really couldn’t be a drink better than this one.


Cranberry Detox Drink

Blend together a cup of fresh cranberries with 3 glasses of water and strain the mix of seeds. Add some honey or maple syrup to adjust the sweetness.

Cranberries are an extremely powerful source of antioxidants. They are a rich source of soluble fibers and vitamin C that aid in eliminating unwanted fat from the body.

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