4 Best Home Remedies for Acne Scars & Pimples Treatment


Face is the most important part of your body which catches the attention of others. And it provides first impression of yours to other people. So it is very important to take care of your face to look impressive. Glowing radiant skin helps you in looking good where dry rough skin ruins your impression in front of others. But nowadays because of lack of time people hardly have time to taking care of their skin because of their busy and hectic work load. Sometime when some skin problem started affecting your skin you try so cure these problems by applying some cosmetic products available in market and the chemical that those cosmetics contain in it increase your problems and makes your life hell. So it is better to avoid these cosmetic products and try some natural home products that nature provides us in huge extent.

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Here we suggest you some effective natural pimple masks which can help you in getting rid of pimples.



Cinnamon has some great properties like anti-microbial in which cinnamon helps you in reducing the formation of those bacteria which leads into pimples. And on other hand like cinnamon honey also have some properties which help your skin like antibiotic properties of honey and it also work as a natural moisturizer .So combination of both honey and cinnamon helps you in avoiding pimples.

How to Use :

Take two tablespoon of honey and 1 table spoon of cinnamon and mix them well and make a paste before applying this mask on your face wash your face properly and then apply this mask on to your face and after 10-15 minutes wash your face. This mask helps you preventing pimples on your face.



Papaya is very effective in case of getting rid of pimples because it helps you in removing dead cells excess amount of lipids from your skin It makes your skin breathe properly and looks fresh. Papain which present in papaya is the important enzyme which helps your skin by reducing inflammation and it also prevent your skin in formation of pus.

How to Use :

Just mash one papaya and mash it well and apply this mashed part to your skin and after about 20 minutes wash your face with Luke warm water and do remember to apply moisturized after washing your face.



Like papaya, aloe vera also has properties of helping your skin against pimples. Aloe Vera has a both anti-inflammatory as well as anti-bacterial property that is why it becomes so important herb which nature provides to us.

How to Use :

Before using aloe vera gel wash your face properly and then only apply this gel to affected areas and after 10to 15 minutes remove this gel with normal water. It really helps you reducing pimples.



Banana is an important product not only for your it helps you in treating many skin troubles in fact its peel also helps you in treating pimples on your face. Lutein is a very important antioxidant what banana peel contains. It is important because it helps in promoting healthy skin cells and also helps in decreasing swelling inflammation. It also reduce the effect of redness and also decrease the effect of pimples which cause problems to you.

How to Use :

Rub banana peel gently on your face and after that about half an hour later rinse it off with water.

These are some easy and effective masks to decrease the effect of pimples and they are cheap and easy in use and having no side effect as well .Try these masks and get the benefit of these masks and make your face looks more bright and fresh.

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